ELITE INTERNATIONAL is a reputed manufacturer & exporter of Surgical and Dental Instruments. Elite international established in 2005.

We are driven by heart felt interest in healthcare, wherever their locations, whatever their positions and responsibilities.

Quality Control

Elite International Instruments are made of Exceptional Quality! We offer Money Back Warranty or free replacement on all our Instruments! Totally Rust Free! Able to Sterilize! Reusable! Very finely packed and are produced according to Surgeon's need to perform the specific surgery! 

Payment Protection

You can place your order online at this website! We offer complete payment protection! Pay by WECHAT, ALIPAY, ICBC BANK, PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, BANK TRANSFER, and VISA AND MASTER CARD.

Shipping Information

If we have your ordered instruments in stock we ship your order within 4-5 Working days by DHL and issue a DHL Tracking number by Email and in your account order history as well! If the instruments are out of stock and are to be produced then shipping time may take 1-4 weeks!

Serving surgeons who value results

Our company seeks to provide quality instruments and superior service to plastic surgeons, cosmetic plastic surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons who value perfect and precise results for their patients. Whether a surgeon is just starting his practice or endeavoring to improve his techniques and add new procedures to an established repertoire, our products will meet his specific surgical needs.

Improving instrumentation in close partnership with surgeons

Distributors and manufacturers have gradually lost their sense of innovation as the industry has grown. Increasingly removed from the doctors and patients they serve, large companies have streamlined operations at the expense of focused advances in instrumentation. Our aim is to provide high quality and reliable products to the healthcare community.

ELITE INTERNATIONAL is a company for people who cares and intends to set

the standard of 21st century healthcare. We look forward to providing the

medical community with unmatched soles, services and support.